HAPPY 2023!

HAPPY 2023!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, everybody -- and thanks for stopping by our bloggy blog, ESNESS!

We call this blog, ESNESS because it covers the inside of life here at es beverage.  We also like to cover information about our favorite topic, COFFEE!     As 2023 begins, we have some great things to look forward to and we thought we'd share them with you:

  • MAJOR AD CAMPAIGNS - By now, you've probably seen the ad campaign collabs we've done in 2021 and 2022 all over social media. We are SO excited to see what the ad campaigns we have for this year have in store for our wonderful customers!
  • NEW COLLABORATIONS - This year, we look forward to working with several dynamic, new companies and influencers on the beverage and lifestyle scenes
  • NEW MERCH - Bree is back to the lab -- brainstorming all sorts of new items to fit the modern, coffee lifestyle!

Lastly, we'd like to thank the customers who have stood by our company through both smooth and challenging times. Where would we be without you guys! #gratitude

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