Can you believe that it is DECEMBER FIRST, already? I mean -- seriously. Where did the year go? 

I looked up at my TV screen the other day, and lo behold --  there was SANTA -- rolling in to close out the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and usher in the holiday shopping season!  

We have it on good authority that galavanting around the streets of New York City on his usual, festive beat is not the only reason Santa sauntered into the United States. As we understand it, he had actually scheduled time to land on the rooftop, right here at es beverage; to stock up on WRITER'S FUEL Superior Single-Serve Coffee! 

You see, the way we heard it, Mrs. Claus was ready and set to stock her kitchen pantry with all the hot cocoa Santa usually requires to get through a night of long, arduous, magical Christmas Eve gift drops and careful avoidance of those pesky, annual,  NORAD tracking radars.

However -- when Mrs Claus asked Santa to pick up the bags of cocoa mix for her, he bellowed a resounding, 



Mrs Claus was completely perplexed as Santa continued to bellow, "I am sick and tired of hot cocoa, Lovey! This year, I want some WRITER'S FUEL Superior Single-Serve Coffee in my cup! It will help me stay awake for my journey across the world. I'll have the elves add the es beverage headquarters to my Thanksgiving visitation schedule."

OMG OMG OMG OMG and YES -- Santa was HERE!!!!!!!!!

So, celebrate the arrival of the hollyest, jollyest customer we've ever had by taking 20% off your first coffee order with us -- using discount code: MRSCLAUS

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