es beverage gets the Cuddly Wuddlies!

es beverage gets the Cuddly Wuddlies!

Hey, Everybody!

We are SO EXCITED to share our latest items with you ! We think that these pieces will help to evoke a warm, cuddly-wuddly feeing for you as the weather cools off and the Thanksgivoing and Christmas seasons arrive.

The first item is our new, WRITER'S FUEL LOGO MUG. This mug can hold 16oz of hot, delicious WRITER'S FUEL Superior Single-Serve Coffee in your favorite configuration. I like black coffee -- but many of you guys like mochas, capulccinos, espressos and lattes.

That brings us to the next piece of merch; our LATTE BODY ORGANIC COTTON T-SHIRT DRESS This is the newest item in our es beverage brand fashion collection. We also have a LOTTA LATTE BODY t-shirt dress, as well. Both shirts come in plenty of sizes to choose from -- and both shirts are comfy AF!

If you get cold in your new tshirt, we have just the thing for you! Wrap yourself up in our fantastic, STAY HOME BLANKIE.

This blankie comes in three sizes and is incredibly fuzzy-wuzzie!

Lastly, you can relax with your favorite sounds with our WRITER'S GROOVE wireless, portable speaker! It's hard to describe how absolutely cute this speaker is! It even comes with a wrist lanyard so that you can carry it easily. I just love it! This is a great gift for the writer in your family who needs solitude and likes to write to music.


We hope these gifts give you and your loved ones many hours of comfort and joy this season!


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