Today, we celebrate Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. Can you imagine sitting down with him over a cup of coffee?


I mean -- we already know his philosophies on life and justice for all... so what else would we talk about -- after we are done fangirling?


What kind of coffee would be sufficient for such a great man? Black -- to represent the people he fought for? Creamed -- to represent integration and equal rights for all? Or would he be uninterested in repping the Civil Rights movement in his drink and be akin to a nice cup of hot tea, instead?


We may never know the answers to these questions -- but we do know that today, curling up with a cup of WRITER'S FUEL Superior Single Serve Coffee and listening to Dr King's "I Have A Dream" speech is like the Balm of Gilead over thoughts of recent, troubling events. Rest In Peace, Dr. King.