Coffee Summer

Coffee Summer

The irony is not lost here -- now that COVID restrictions are being lifted more and more, it feels like we all need vacations from our staycations!

Well, whatever would we DO?

If it were up to es beverage, we'd host a grand party on the High Seas in a super-mega rap star yacht! We'd serve hot coffees, cold brews, coffee flavored cakes and frozen treats. Any kind of coffee confection you wanted would be aboard to consume as we sailed in caffinated merriment! Each cabin would have a mini-Keurig machine -- so you could fix a calming cup of WRITER'S FUEL Superior Single-Serve Coffee for yourself after an equally calming shower.

Okay, so -- the yacht is only a pipe dream of ours... but we DO have that coffee for you, if you'd like. We also have great hopes theat everybody is happy and safe this summer as we venture back outside of our homes into the world, again.

Have a wonderful, (coffee-filled) summer!


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