Wow! We look up -- and all of a sudden, it's COLD outside and people are Christmas shopping! Well.... maybe mot so much outside because of COVID, but they sure are doing alot of shopping online!

In fact, we just went through our first BLACK FRIDAY / CYBER MONDAY event. We sold plenty of coffee, of course; but we were surprised to learn that people have really fallen in love with our #stayhome blankie! It makes sense though -- curling up in fuzzie-wuzzie comfort while you drink your mocha or latte or just plain black -- sounds like a fabulous idea!

For people who love subscription boxes, we are OVER THE MOON to announce the offering of our WRITER'S FUEL KUP KLUB Subscription Box on AMAZON DOTCOM ! We also offer this great holiday gift idea on CrateJoy (as the es beverage KUP KLUB) and right here at es beverage.

One of the things that makes us feel happy and full of holiday cheer is when Bree brings in her dog, ASHLeY, to the office. ASHLeY is so full of life; scurrying about from place-to-place; and drinking gallons of water from our WRITER'S FRiEND Bowl ; available on Zazzle and designed for es beverage by the one and only, Mr NiCK DAViD.

Snowball fights are always fun -- but we're in "Hotlanta" -- so that's pretty much a non-starter for us LOL. Another cup of coffee, please!