writer's fuel

WRiTER’S FUEL - 12 Pack Single Serve Coffee Capsules - EDiTED

$23.95 $29.98
The relationship between writers and drinking coffee is both, long and legendary; Yet there has never been a coffee brand
developed to honor that bond
— until now.
Taste creative inspiration with EDiTED; a delicious, medium, Italian roasted blend of
WRITER’S FUEL - Superior Single-Serve Coffee.
This luxury beverage has smooth, crisp, premium flavor with
Available in a 12-count, single-serve box.
These single-serve cups are recyclable.
• Specialty Grade Coffee
• 100% Arabica
• EDITED is 100% Columbian
• Exotic Farm Locations
• Small Batch Artisan Roasted
• Hand crafted
• High altitude
• Responsibly sourced



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